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Sagittarius Horoscope: January 12222

Horoscope is known as Kundali in Vedic Astrology.

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A Kundali is the cornerstone of Vedic astrology, which is based on the ancient scripture called the "Brihat Parashara Horasastra" written by Sage Parashara several thousand years ago. Parashara is considered to be the Father of Astrology.

Your Sagittarius Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

It represents the position of planets at a specific time as seen from a specific place. In other words, it is the pictorial representation of planets at the time of birth.

Sagittarius Astrology 14th January 2019

The horoscope or Kundli is the basis of astrology and astrological predictions. Kundli works on mathematical principles, and that is why it generally gets quite accurate predictions. Kindli is also employed for matching the compatibility of prospective marriage partners. It is also widely used for calculating the auspicious time-frames for holding an auspicious activity, starting a new business, or, for that matter, starting anything new. Select date. Mumbai, India Sunrise : Sunset : Festival Calender October Select date.

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You might even agree to take part in pursuits which you once thought were way beyond your capabilities. News which was mislaid finally arrives.

The current jovial planetary picture brings hope, optimism and the will to create a better future. Life gets better as the week progresses, so make full use of offers and opportunities that come your way. Professional passions should be exercised to the full, by the way, for enthusiasm will always impress employers.

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Consider travel plans, especially if foreign parts are beckoning. The point is that you crave change — and somewhere, somehow, your life needs added interest from a dose of something utterly different. The Moon is aligned with your business zones so, in spite of justified caution, your financial prospects should improve.

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The Moon is moving this way and that, setting up a series of emotional challenges, giving partners the advantage. Co-operation is the key, and accept what other people have to offer.

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You might have to ask a partner to delay certain domestic plans, at least just for now, until you have checked the details. The tide has turned and everything is now moving your way. This happy fact means that, strange as it may seem, even apparent difficulties and obstacles are conspiring to create welcome results: sometimes good fortune comes about in a curious guise.

Make very sure that others share any benefits. Intensive lunar alignments indicate that if everything is going according to plan, domestic affairs will now be causing fewer problems.

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